As economies advance they rely more heavily on technological exchange and sharing of ideas.  Businesses and government leaders gain insights through travel to undertake advanced education programs and to interact with peers in their area of interest.

Abbott Carrington Partners and its network of business and government leaders have connected with visiting Provincial and Peoples Republic of China (PRC) agency delegations in Australia over the past eight years. The purpose of these delegation visits to Australia has been to establish and grow relationships to further deepen understanding of and opportunities for cooperation. 

Industries and groups include;

•    PRC Ministry of Finance
•    Beijing Media Network
•    Agricultural Development Bank of China
•    Ministry of Sports
•    Forestry and mining industries
•    Agriculture and aquaculture
•    Vocational Education and Training
•    PRC Ministry of Law
•    Banking and investment
•    Provincial Government agencies

Currently, Abbott Carrington Partners is undertaking project scope for the Asian Development Bank program within the PRC.